Co-Create the Conscious Future of Work

A community for change makers CO-CREATING A BRAVE NEW future of work & business.

Conscious. Compassionate. Courageous. Connected. Human.


Welcome to cofolk

There is a shift happening. A groundswell of people and organisations committed to changing the very meaning of what it is to work. People like us. We believe our work can be an incredible force for good. One that can change lives and change the world.

We are business owners, freelancers, CEOs, employees, colleagues, leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers...but firstly, we are people. People who seek a more conscious, courageous, compassionate, connected and human future of work and business.

Cofolk exists to connect, enable and empower us to bring that vision to life.

Whatever our passion, whatever our purpose, no matter what we do or where we sit in an organisation – we all have something unique to bring. Together, we can elevate and amplify our collective voice and action to co-create a future we want to be part of. 


Come One, Come All