There is a growing movement of people who imagine something different from our current world of work and business. 

We talk about impact, engagement, kindness, meaning, culture, fulfilment, wellbeing, humanisation, compassion, work-life integration, courage, purpose, fun, expression, empathy, self development, sustainability, experience, love, connection, play,  spirit, benefit, consciousness and so much more. 

We know each other when we meet. But sadly, we are not the majority. We care about our missions and we seek to make change happen, yet often we work alone, or quietly, or from within organisations and contexts that don't fully understand...yet.

CoFolk is a community for us. But we hope it will be more than that. We hope, with your help, it will become a movement. One of people around the world contributing in a positive way to their own lives, the lives of others and the world around them through their work. 

While we all have our different expressions of what we are trying to create, CoFolk is here to provide a platform from which we can come together, learn, share and grow. A space for us to develop our leadership and amplify our collective voice to change the world of work.



Cofolk Beta Mode

What you see here, is not set in stone. Nor is it fully formed. We are seeking to co-create Cofolk with and for you and all our members. Sure, we have ideas about what we'd like it to become, but we hope for it to be something that will truly be of value to you. For that reason, we need your input and support.

If you'd like to provide input into the future of Cofolk, attend one of our Co-Create Cofolk events or fill out our Membership Survey.