Becoming More Conscious

Photo by  Jeremy Thomas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Moments of consciousness

They sneak up on us effortlessly. With no warning or earlier signs, these pure expressions of clarity, arise out of nowhere and flood into our awareness. We cannot make them happen, as it is a spontaneous action, beyond our logical comprehension, but arise they do and in doing so, we become just that little bit (sometimes a big bit!) more aware or conscious.

I am of course talking about those beautiful “ah-ha” moments when we remember who we are at the deepest level. Moments of clarity, moments of connectedness, moments of recalling something buried, but not lost.

The prefrontal cortex of our brain is considered to be the Temple of Remembrance and it is through this portal that we reconnect to our “Original Innocence”, our Sovereignty

What is consciousness?

The easiest way to describe consciousness (which I might add, is almost indefinable) is an awareness of what is happening on the inside and on the outside.

Another name for the Source of All That Is, is the Universe, which is a less emotive label than what is popularly used and the moment we label it, it is not that.

But for the purpose of this exercise, we will call it the Universe.

Everything is Energy” Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein wisely said the “everything is energy”, not somethings; but everything. Therefore you, everything and I, are the Universe and the Universe is made up of energy.

In this three dimensional aspect of our multi-dimensional, multiverse, energy in the form of human bodies, trees, the sky, our homes, all inclusive, can be readily seen, touched, heard, tasted, smelt and intuited, using our Third Eye or Pineal Gland.

But in other dimensions, which co-exist simultaneously, much like the layers of an onion, energy, while ever present, cannot necessarily be seen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Take for instance Wi-Fi, radio or TV signals, they abound all around us, but cannot be seen.

With the power of imagination, one can conceptualise the Universe as being an infinite field of potential, consciousness – nothing tangibly there, but the potential for everything, just waiting to become manifest. We cannot see, hear, touch or smell this potential, but we can feel it in our hearts.

Manifesting from consciousness

That is where you and I come in. We manifest from this field of consciousness, these ideas that formulate in our heads and bring them into tangible fruition, to be experienced through our five perceptions and our intuition.

So if we want a better world for ourselves, for others, all species and our precious Mother earth, all we need to tap into, is what already exists in the Field of Potential or Consciousness and bring it forth into our world.

Don’t look now, but you have been doing this all your life!!

Imagine a world filled with conscious, responsible human beings, living in harmony with each other, with all species and in coherence with the heartbeat of the Earth.

I dare you to imagine and manifest this.

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Rick Pursell


Co-founder and co-director of Heaven in Bali Retreat Centre – Bali and Koi Pond Strategy, Rick is a trusted advisor to those wishing to move beyond the mediocre and embrace a more conscious, responsible and an all-encompassing approach to life and business.

Rick is also author of the book “Cause No Harm – A Handbook for Humanity”.