To get get Cofolk up and running, We're seeking 200 Founding Members

What is a Founding Member?

Founding Members are those who believe in the Cofolk vision and who want to see it succeed.

If you sign up as a founding member, we'd love if you could help us out with one little favour. It would be amazing if you could tell just one person about what we're doing and invite them to become a member too.

Right now, membership is free (as we're really just in creation mode). Down the track we may have paid memberships, but we promise this: if you sign up as a founding member, you'll get a special deal. Because you are special for helping us making CoFolk real.

Member Benefits

+ Connect with and learn from likeminded individuals.
+ Feel supported by people who 'get it' and help raise the collective voice for a more conscious future of work and business.
+ Access to members only events.
+ Contribute to the CoFolk Journal - share your personal message or brand of CoFolkery with the community.
+ Contribute to CoFolk co-creation.
+ Have the opportunity to share your work at CoFolk events or help us co-create one.
+ And there's more to come. This is just the beginning.